Choosing Furniture for the Living Room

For the decoration of the living room, you need to choose furniture that is harmonious and proportional to each other. Furniture choices depend entirely on your taste. However, you can create a minimal decoration by staying away from options that fill the room and darken it. Instead of large chests of drawers, nested glass coffee tables, foldable dining tables, poufs in harmony with colors and patterns, and stylish, small cushions take up less space and add aesthetic touches. If you are determined to choose wooden furniture for large furniture, you can choose items such as tables or consoles among more natural looking wooden models. Wood-like furniture will look more natural in light-colored rooms.

Lighting for Living Rooms

Light up living rooms according to the size and the sections you use. For example, if the dining area is separate and the general sitting area is separate, you can use a chandelier that extends towards the dining table and a chandelier that gives enough light to the sitting area. It is enough for the chandeliers not to be too flashy, but to be simple and elegant. The important thing is not to create a light intensity that is too dark to tire the eyes. You can highlight some of your items or paintings by placing wall sconces or mini lampshades where you want to increase the emphasis. Small illuminations mounted at different points with equal light intensity can give a much more effective appearance.

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